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The New Rules: 3 ways to score in Sales

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Join us at (Pitch View Room) Wembley Stadium, London, UK
March 5, 2013 at 14:00pm - 17:00pm (Delegates are welcome to arrive early and join us for Lunch at 12:30 - 13:30pm)

Wilson Learning offers a free of charge, interactive action-learning workshop event, where Worldwide Sr. Vice President and International Speaker, Mr. David Yesford, discusses “The New Rules” of buying and selling, and introduces the 3 ways to score in Sales, regaining control of the sales process from today’s well informed buyers.

Join the Sales Premier League and come along to this Top 20 Global Sales Training Company’s highly engaging action-learning session in a room with a spectacular view… Refreshments are provided for all delegates. We look forward to seeing you there.

Session Overview:

Don’t get caught offside! Adapt your techniques to reclaim the game:
The old adage “that people love to buy, but hate to be sold to” has been modified to “people know how to buy, and won’t be sold to”. Today it is the buyer who is in charge of the speed and direction of the sale.
New technology is changing the buying process. Information is power, and today’s buyers are more sophisticated and well informed than ever before, reports show that the vast majority of customers are now finding sellers before sellers find the customer. Customers have multiple resources to identify, screen, and select suppliers without contacting them and often reject sellers before the sellers even know they have been screened out. This is a significant change in how buyers buy and requires an equally significant change in how sellers sell.

Avoid being left on the bench – Join us to learn how to adapt your sales process to align with the customer’s buying process.

It’s a Game of Two Halves:
The second key way to score at sales effectiveness is the ability to balance the Consultant and Strategist skills of the sales force.
There was a time when a salesperson could fulfil a single role—supplier, trusted advisor, challenger. But in today’s hypercompetitive market, the successful salesperson needs to play two complementary roles—that of Consultant to the customer and that of Strategist to his or her own organization, supported by additional personal and technical effectiveness skills.
Senior buying executives uniformly say that the most valued suppliers are those who demonstrate both the Consultant and Strategist roles; who will push back on assumptions, are willing to walk away rather than sell them the wrong solution, and who bring value every time they engage with the customer.

Be a Key Player for both teams – Learn the skills required to be a Consultant to the customer and a Strategist to your organisation.

Player… Manager… Coach:
In the past, the sales manager’s job was limited to hiring and then keeping strong sales performers and managing sales activities (number of calls, proposals, wins, etc.). Typically, sales managers came from the ranks of top salespeople and were rewarded with a management position, often without sufficient training and coaching.
Today, sales managers play a more vital role in creating sales effectiveness. Research shows that sales managers who engage their salespeople, coach effectively, and lead through a systematic sales process have higher win/loss ratios, higher revenue, and lower salesperson turnover.

Engage the team to go for goal: Sales Managers should join us to learn techniques for sales force engagement and performance and for working the sales process.

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